Download RealTerm and Bypass  FRP Lock with Calling Method

Download RealTerm Free and Bypass  FRP Lock with Calling Method  is a program that works as a serial/TCP terminal network administrators can use to manage, ca Apture an log various types of data streams, binary included. 
Each of essential features included in the app reside in a dedicated tap, thus you can quickly switch between several types of display, including binary, ASCII, hex, ANSI, ASCII+hex and so on.
Download RealTerm Free and Bypass  FRP Lock with Calling Method
What’s more, RealTerm lets you tweak the configuration by changing the port, data bits and parity among others, Regarding the data log, the tool allows you to select the location of the text file in which the data will be saved, and optionally a time stamp can be added at the start of each line. 

How to use RealTerm: 

  1. Download and install it.
  2. Now open RealTerm Software and tick on “Half Duplex” in Display Menu
3)-Now go to Port Menu and Enter Your Port. You can find in your PC Device Manager Modem Samsung Com Port.
4)-Now Insert your Port and Click on “Change” Button.
5)-Now go to Send menu and Enter your Calling Command and then select “Send ASCII”




6)-Now you can see call on your Phone LCD Screen and Reset your FRP Lock.


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