10 best Valentine’s Day apps for Android!

10 best Valentine's Day apps for Android

10 best Valentine’s Day apps for Android

Valentine’s Day is once again upon us. Those in love are preparing to spend a romantic evening together filled which chocolate, food, and fun together. Or they’re going to watch Deadpool. There’s no real wrong answers there. If you’re getting prepared for one of the most romantic days of the year and you are having trouble getting things together, here are a list of the best Valentine’s Day apps that may help you out!


Price: Free (flowers cost money, obviously)

1-800-Flowers is one of those companies that seems to have been created specifically for holidays like Valentine’s Day. They deliver gifts to 195 countries around the world so pretty much anyone can get in on the action, although you may want to order soon to make sure everything appears on time. You can also browse a variety of flower arrangements that suit almost any budget. They even offer same day deliver in select locations. It’s a good place to start because flowers almost always work as Valentine’s Day gifts. It’s one of the better Valentine’s Day apps. However, do be careful of potential bugs and order ahead of time to make sure your delivery makes it!


Allrecipes Dinner Spinner is a great app if you’re considering staying in for Valentine’s Day. It has a virtual ton of recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, and more. The app lets you save your favorite recipes, check out step-by-step cooking videos (for those of us who are kitchen challenged), and you can add ingredients to a built-in shopping list to make things easier. Whether it’s dinner the night before or breakfast the morning after, this app has you covered. It’s one of the essential Valentine’s Day apps for those planning a date at home.

The ever popular Amazon is a great option for anyone looking to do some Valentine’s Day gift shopping. The giant online retailer usually has a series of sales that are specifically for Valentine’s Day and between those, the Gold Box deals, Today’s Deals, and Lightning Deals, there are plenty of opportunities to find nifty things for your loved one. Even if you have no intention of buying anything, just surfing can give you some ideas on what to get. Their selection is gigantic. It’s one of the better Valentine’s Day apps.


Some people want to go out for Valentine’s Day except they have no idea where they want to go. An app like Eventbrite can help with that. It shows you a variety of events in your area from local festivals to concerts and other local gatherings. You can even buy tickets directly from the app although some users have reported issues with that. Otherwise, it’s a great way to see what’s going down in your area. All you have to do after that is grab your date and go. Good luck!


Groupon is one of the most popular Valentine’s Day apps. It has two major purposes. The first are ideas. Groupon coupons are random. Companies with romantic dining or shopping options are more likely to have Groupon specials on Valentine’s Day. That way, you get ideas and you save a few bucks. It’s a good way to surprise yourself and your significant other. There are a bunch of options, too. It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely a good app to have in your repertoire for Valentine’s Day.

Heart Live Wallpaper

Price: Free / $0.99

Holiday-themed live wallpapers are a popular and fun way to decorate your phone and there are quite a few live wallpapers themed for Valentine’s Day. Our favorite is one called Heart Live Wallpaper. It features dark backgrounds with a customizable heart image that can be made to do all kinds of stuff. The app also features a countdown timer to Valentine’s Day and the background can be almost any color you want. It looks good and suits the holiday perfectly. It’s definitely one of the better Valentine’s Day apps to decorate your phone!

It has been said that music is what emotions sound like and on Valentine’s Day there are a lot of emotions flying around. Whether you need something upbeat and fun or something slow and romantic, iHeartRadio almost definitely has a music station to suit your needs. It also supports a variety of devices such as the Chromecast so you can put your music on TV in case your phone just isn’t cutting it. It’s definitely one of the better Valentine’s Day apps. To add to the harmonious feelings, the icon is even a big, giant heart. It couldn’t be more perfect. There are other music streaming apps that are just as good, but iHeartRadio usually has a Valentine’s Day radio station ready to go.

iKamasutra Sex Positions

Price: Free / $2.99

To the surprise of no one, there will be a lot of sex happening on Valentine’s Day and we believe that Valentine’s Day sex should also be super special sex. The iKamasutra Sex Positions Guide app can play a role in making that happen. Most people either know or are at least aware of the Kama Sutra so you pretty much know what to expect with this app. The free version has 30 sex positions to try out and forking out $2.99 can get you over 100 sex positions in nine categories. The app even has built in shake controls so you can look up new positions while midway through the act. The app is a little old, but it should still work on even newer devices.

iKamasutra Sex Positions

OpenTable is a fun application that allows you to book tables at various restaurants. This will come in handy if you plan on taking your loved one out for a night on the town and you find yourself looking for a place to eat. The app serves two main functions. It helps you find restaurants that are in your general area and then helps you book reservations so you can be sure you have a table when you get there. Do be warned that reservations fill up quick at Valentine’s Day so you may want to book your reservations now! This is one of the essential Valentine’s Day apps!



Price: Free (hotels, etc cost money)

In most cases, OpenTable will work but if you’re planning something a little more ridiculous then you might need an application that covers more than just dinner plans. TripAdvisor has a ton of information on restaurants, hotels, flights, and all kinds of other accommodations, travel, and entertainment information. Maybe you’re popping into the big city for the weekend or taking a weekend trip somewhere else. In either case, having this app around can help you find the good stuff. There are plenty of alternatives, but this one is a pretty basic app for this kinda stuff so it shouldn’t be hard to learn.


If we missed any of the best Valentine’s Day apps for Android, tell us about them in the comments! To see our complete list of best app lists, click here.

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